VIK – the micro show

Vik is an elf living inside a stone. She has magical powers and her mission is to take care of the vegetable kingdom. The life cycles of Vik and a plant intertwine in a fun and exciting story replete with incredible effects when she needs to face the challenges of nature and sow in arid lands.


The show is a solo played by a 92-centimeter tall artist. Through the company’s original language, the “theater illusionist”, the story speaks about the cycle of life and the diversity of beings.

VIK was winner of the “Gralha Azul” Award Brazil 2019 as “Best Show for Children”. The show also received the “Best Actress” trophy and nominations for Best Dramaturgy, Direction, Costume and Lighting.

Creator and Director: Maicon Clenk

Director Assistant: Carol Mammarella

Production: Clenk Company