Maicon Clenk

Maicon Clenk is a multidisciplinary artist. Creator, Director and Choreographer of Clenk Company, he develops an authorial language called “Illusionist Theater”, integrating several artistic techniques, especially physical theater and illusionism, besides dance, circus and music. He is among the greatest creators in Brazil. With a solid career creating totally authorial works, he’s been managing teams of several nationalities, with a high technical and artistic level. For his creative process, he mixes the discipline of gymnastics, the accuracy of dance, the fantastic of the circus, the depth of theatre and the surprising element of illusionism. His works have been watched by more than 15 million viewers and are defined by the innovative, poetic and detailed aspects.



Maicon Clenk acts as a director choreographer, also having a background as an actor, dancer, aerial acrobat, illusionist, and advertising; he completed a post-graduation in Biopsychology, Physical Theater, and Theater Dance. He’s also responsible for creating sceneries and costumes.

Clenk has been charmed by the circus since he was 4, dedicating his whole professional life exclusively to arts. He has started his studies in theatre, puppets and drawing at the age of 8, and since then he has acted in more than 30 awarded professional shows in several Brazilian companies of theatre, dance, and circus.  Self-taught in illusionism he started to show his art at the age of 10, and years later he was featured by Brazilian TV channels and theatres, being considered one of the best illusionists of our times. At the age of 16, he was the director of his own theatre group, with a casting of 150 people. He has studied classical and contemporary dance, performative arts, circus and clown for more than 12 years. He has specialized in Theater Dance and Physical Theater with reputed professionals from Brazil, New York, London, Paris, Japan, Italy, Spain, and Berlin, including the North American group Pilobolus and the German group Familie Floz.

He’s been the artistic director at “Beto Carrero World”, the biggest thematic park in Latin America, where he created brand new shows and performative areas, and simultaneously directed eight big shows and the department of artistic production, heading a team of more than 250 professionals.

He developed versatile artistic projects in the most important cultural spots in Brazil, highlighting the tour of “O Grande Show de Mágica” (“The Great Show of Magic”), starting to mix illusionism, dance and dramaturgy, and has been featured by the national media (showed in TV shows as “Eliana” and “Faustão” and also being broadcasted as a special TV series), also being chosen to open the official exhibition “Mish Mash”, part of the acclaimed “Festival de Curitiba” (“Curitiba International Theater Festival”). After one year of rehearsals and the construction of a theater with capacity for 4000 people, specially developed for it, the musical “O Sonho do Cowboy” (“The Cowboy’s Dream”) has debuted. Created, directed and choreographed by Maicon Clenk for the amusement park “Beto Carrero World”, in the state of Santa Catarina, this top-notch production is part of the permanent attractions, with musical direction and soundtrack by Tim Rescala, using a giant scenery with more than 50 meters. It has been watched by about 1 million people every year, considered the musical with the biggest audience and longer presented in theaters in Brazil. Still for Beto Carrero World, Clenk designed “Blum – Quando circo e água se misturam” (“When circus and water are together”), mixing elements of contemporary circus. From the partnership with the acclaimed lighting artist Peter Gasper, the dinner show “Iporã” debuted in the city of Foz do Iguaçu (Iguazu Falls), bringing to the stage the Latin American folk – a show that has been watched by millions of tourists from all around the world. “É tudo ilusão” (“It’s all illusion”) presented the humor as a featured language by the Company. The project was a national success and has been awarded with “Circulação Nacional” from Fundação Cultural de Curitiba (the city’s cultural secretariat). Aiming to spread artistic works for more alternative venues, the show “Polaris” was designed in Curitiba, being presented inside a giant snow globe. A phenomenon of audience and an international reference, the project has been awarded by Abrasce, also winning the records of “First show inside a snow globe” and “Biggest snow globe in Brazil”. After “Polaris”, the shows “Flora” and “Torque” debuted, introducing a new concept of culture inside shopping malls. Gathering high-level professionals to the versatility and the unique Clenk’s language, “Banquet” debuts to the public, a sort of contemporary cabaret presented in a fully equipped show club, built especially for this end at one of the main streets of São Paulo. Another milestone among his works, putting the audience in an unusual point of view, as integral and interactive part of the show.