Clenk Company

Clenk Company, created by Director, Choreographer and Illusionist Maicon Clenk, has been working for 15 years focusing on the investigation of a particular artistic language, the “Illusionist Theater”. This term arises as an attempt to name the integration of several artistic techniques and elements gathered in the same show. It is a form of expression using dramaturgy, illusionism and physical techniques as physical theater and dance, usually in a surrealist context. The language aims a universal audience, using the bodies of interpreters as a way of expression, helped by extensions of adornments and scenography creating aesthetics, special effects, and illusion. With precise and choreographed movements, interpreted by artists of a high technical level, the shows mix mystery and secrets that defy the audience’s imagination. The realism and the fantastic are combined in a dialog full of surprises.

All the works are exclusively authorial, and always featured by the innovative, poetic and detailed aspect. Our purpose, through varied worlds and touching, relevant and transformer themes, is to awake a more sensitive look to the great mystery of the universe. Clenk Company has as its main values: originality, quality, innovation, creativity, excellence, and sensitivity.

We’ve been watched by more than 15 million people in Brazil. Among our main achievements are: O Grande Show de Mágica  (2005 – 2009), O Sonho do Cowboy (2010 – 2019), Blum (2011), Iporã (2012), É Tudo Ilusão (2014 – 2015), Polaris (2015), Flora (2016), Torque (2017), Banquete (2016 – 2017) and VIK (2019).